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Why a mezzanine floor is all you need for storage shortages

Why a mezzanine floor is all you need for storage shortages 

With the current growth of webshops, more and more storage is needed. Many organisations see an increase in items that need to be stored. Unfortunately, the space of your warehouse does not grow accordingly and you will have to make do with the number of square metres you have. However, this does not mean that you have to move in the near future. Before you move the whole lot, there is another option you can consider if you are short of space in your warehouse. The ideal solution is a mezzanine floor. 

What is a mezzanine floor? 

A mezzanine floor, also called entresol floor, is a self-supporting intermediate floor. The word entresol comes from French and is a combination of the words ‘entre’ (between) and ‘sol’ (floor). A mezzanine floor offers the possibility of creating extra surface area between two floors without drastic alterations. This is because the construction is self-supporting, as a result, no major alterations need to be made to the current construction of the building. It is the ideal solution for buildings with high ceilings because you can now use the space up there.  

Installing a mezzanine floor

Are you currently short of space in your business premises or warehouse? Or would you like to scale up in order to be able to realise an expansion? Then a mezzanine floor is definitely the right solution. It allows you to create much more floor space quickly, easily and affordably, and to make optimal use of the space you have. The investment in a mezzanine floor is recouped on average within two years. Something that takes much longer with a move. The product specialists at will be happy to help you choose the best mezzanine floor for your premises. They design the floor completely according to your wishes and also come to install the floor so that you can enjoy optimal safety.