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The right swivel flanges for the right applications

How do you find the right swivel flanges for your application? Swivel flanges are used in offshore and subsea pipelines. That means you should get them at a specialist. A company that knows its way around these situations. A company that can advise you on what kind of swivel flanges to use in your specific situation. is such an expert. They have all kinds of piping products for the offshore industry. They offer you a web shop with all their products, and more. You can search for their swivel flanges and read the specifications online.

What are swivel flanges generally used for?

Swivel flanges are generally used in offshore and subsea applications in high-pressure situations. Swivel flanges are heavily forged welding hubs fixed to and holding a ring. A retaining ring holds the welding hub in place. These parts ensure a correct alignment of the boltholes during the installation of a subsea flange. offers these parts in various ratings, metals, specifications, and dimensions. The experts from this company are happy to help you find the right part for the job. Their products are of high quality and durable, and are available at a fair price.

Not sure what exactly you need? Just ask for advice

Are you not exactly sure what swivel flanges to buy? Then just ask their specialists for advice. Just give them a call and explain your situation and in what circumstances the swivel flanges will be used. What are the required dimensions, or under how much pressure do the parts have to perform, et cetera. You can find their contact information on the website. You can also ask them anything about their other piping products and their services. Do you already know what swivel flanges to buy? Then browse their web shop, find the product you want, and ask for a quotation.