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The Dutch M-form will be completed from start to finish at this company near Nijmegen

If you, as an expat, have to file a tax return in the Netherlands for the first time, then this process may slightly differ from the regular taxation rules you are used to. If you have not stayed within the Dutch borders all year, you will have to use a different form. This form is better known as the M-form and is issued in Dutch. It will be sent to you by post or it can be downloaded from the government’s website. If you don’t speak the Dutch language, it can be helpful to request assistance from Witlox International Tax Advice – a company near Nijmegen that will complete the entire M-form for you.

This company will assist you in all manner of tax-related matters

Let this specialist complete the Dutch M-form near Nijmegen, and you are assured of a professional and highly reliable service. Witlox International Tax Advice is dedicated to help each foreign employee that is working for a Dutch company and aims to make your stay in the Netherlands as enjoyable as possible. Besides having your M-form completed by this company, you can therefore request information and advice regarding all manner of tax-related issues. You may think of:

  • Fiscal advice tailored to your situation
  • Information about the 30% tax ruling application
  • Filing US tax returns

Contact the company for more information on filing your tax returns

Would you like to know how this company near Nijmegen can assist you in completing the Dutch M-form or are you interested in any other tax-related service? Please contact Witlox International Tax Advice by telephone. You can find the mobile or landline phone number on the website to request more information. One thing is certain: you will no longer experience any difficulties in filing your tax returns if you opt for this company’s professional services!