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Stop setting goals

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Focus not on setting goals, but on building your system

Purpose will give your life meaning only for a short period of time, and the system will fill your life with meaning all the time.

Always find the positives in what seems like a failure or failure at first.

Train yourself to think not only of negative consequences, but also of positive ones.

Remember that you yourself are your main asset and priority.

Everything else, including your ability to benefit others, depends on the state of this priority – how happy you are and how successful you are in life.

 Track the activities that energize and make you active, and those that suck it out of you

Analyze your observations and start filling your life with what energizes you, and give up what takes energy.

Look for an environment that will help you grow.

Try not to communicate with those people who take away your energy, time and good mood. Find faithful allies who will be together with you set up for constructiveness and development.

 To start adhering to the principles of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you need to love them.

Listen to your body and notice positive changes. So you don’t have to force yourself, and a healthy lifestyle will become habitual.

Develop versatile – improve not only in your professional field, but also in other areas

New knowledge and skills will help you always be flexible in making certain decisions.

If you do not know in which direction to move, listen to yourself, remember what you loved to do as a child.

As a child, you wanted to become an astronaut, and when you grew up, you found yourself sitting in the office all day and wiping your pants? Remember all your childhood dreams and desires. Perhaps there are many useful and interesting ideas among them that will inspire you to new achievements.

Pay attention only to significant things, do not try to keep up with everything, try to simplify existing tasks

Einstein once said: “It’s simple, but not so.” Sometimes it’s important to understand that you can do anything. It is only important to learn to look at situations from different angles. Don’t overcomplicate what can be simplified and you will be fine!

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