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Restore and increase the milk production in your cows thanks to supplements

Have you been looking for ways to improve the health of your cattle and subsequently to increase the milk production in your cows? Kimtec International has the solution for you in the form of palatable feed supplements. Which feed supplement suits your cattle most?

Which feed supplements are available to increase milk production?

Kimtec International has spent years on research and development. The results are impressive and are some of the most innovative solutions you have ever laid eyes on in this market. Animal welfare has always been their main priority and that is reflected in their most important products.

  • NPN-SR is a family of coated urea products with slow release. It is a sustainable and cost effective protein and nitrogen source for your cattle.
  • KatAn is a fine coated anionic salt that has been made palatable thanks to the innovative Masktech technique from Kimtec International. It is especially meant to improve the cows ability to deal with the calcium demand during calving. In turn, this leads to an increase of the milk production in cows.
  • ProGlyc is an MPG carrier that consists of prophylaxis. It prevents (sub)clinical ketosis by increasing the blood glucose after calving.

Commission these experts for a tailor-made solution if necessary

The product ranges from Kimtec International have been developed with the utmost care. Thanks to years of extensive research, they have found ways to increase the milk production in cows whilst simultaneously improving the health of livestock. However, it may be the case that you would like a solution for your cattle that is completely tailor-made. Would you like to provide your cows with more nutrients? Or do you believe your cattle needs a different combination of anionic salts and ProGlyc? Make sure to discuss the possibilities with one of the experts of Kimtec International. You can find the contact information on their website.