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Mezzanine floor fully adapted to your needs

There are few solutions for lack of space as efficient and practical as the mezzanine floor. An extra floor that stands completely alone. But twice the space, without all the hassle of rebuilding, permits and other hassle. A mezzanine floor can also be disassembled and reassembled at another location, so even for a temporary space solution, a mezzanine floor is ideally suited. A mezzanine floor in an awkward space? That’s possible too. Check out the next steps! 

A piece of advice
The application for a mezzanine floor always begins with a piece of advice. We map out exactly what kind of room solution you need. Whether there are any challenges and where these challenges are located. You will be assigned a permanent project manager who will be your direct contact throughout the process. The processes are completely in line with what you want. 

Designing the floor
Once it is clear what the wishes are, how the space is structured and what the design will look like, the engineering department gets to work on drawing up the design. This way, the production department and the customer both know for sure that all wishes are taken into account and you get a good picture of the product to be delivered. 

Creating the parts
The production of the mezzanine floor is completely unique for each floor. The best techniques are applied so that you, the customer, are always happy with the floor. The steel structures can be produced with both cold and hot-rolled steel profiles. 

Assembling the floor
The assembly of the floor is free. If you have your own specialised personnel or work together with a party, you can do the assembly yourself. The parts are delivered as a kit. Of course, you can also outsource the assembly to the organisation itself.