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How To Understand The Coordinates In WoW Classic

The World of Warcraft map is very HUGE and if you don’t know how to locate yourself correctly, you can lose a lot of time while moving from one place to another, as taking a single wrong path can lead you to 10 or 15 wasted minutes.

However, the game map is not easy to read either, so it is very common for novice players to get confused and not be able to locate some specific points on the map where there are some treasures or other important objects of the game.

For all that we have told you, you must know how to locate yourself with the coordinates of the map, this will help you easily follow all the WoWHead instructions and stop getting lost in the immense lands of this Blizzard game.

However, neither the general map nor the minimap shows us the coordinates in the game, so our only salvation will be the glorious add-ons.


Why download addons in World of Warcraft Classic?

Addons have become an important part of World of Warcraft, allowing players to enjoy some features that the game does not have by default. They can be defined as extensions similar to those used by the Google Chrome browser, which allows the program to acquire new functions that make it even more complete for users.

The only way to locate yourself in WoW Classic via coordinates is by using an addon, so these add-ons have become as important as buy wow classic gold and acquiring the best items in the game.

The most downloaded add-on to help us with orientation is Coordinates. This plugin shows us the exact coordinates where our character is, but you can also know what coordinates each area of ​​the map has by simply placing the mouse cursor over said area.

Likewise, it is best to use the minimap option that permanently locates the coordinates in its upper part, this way it is no longer necessary to be opening the map at all times to see the coordinates.

On the other hand, there is also another addon that is not as popular as Coordinates but it does its job very well, we are talking about TomTom. This add-on shows us the way to get to the point that you signal from the position where your character is, a real wonder.

In case you are looking for other options, you can also download the Player Frame Coordinates and Accurate Coordinates extensions, although the other two are the most practical and easy to use.

In this way, by simply making a couple of clicks on the screen, you will forget about getting lost for a long time on the WoW Classic map and you will know where the exact location of the most important dungeons in the game are and, also, the path you must follow to get there from where you are.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)