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FIFA 21 – What’s New In Ultimate Team Update 4

FIFA 21 Update 4 just dropped and it’s a big one. It brings changes to several game modes. We will talk about Ultimate Team as it’s one of the most popular ones. Animations will notify you when you’ve been outbid by another player or won the bid on the transfer market tab in the squads display. You will see a new icon on the radial menu in this tab. The icon tells the current bid status of the player item that you have selected.

You can preview goal songs and club nicknames from the bidding screen. Update 4 takes care of a series of issues. Match lobbies now display the correct round trip for the ping value. You can now properly see all club badges on kits during games in Ultimate Team modes. The visual issue that caused two different battle points numbers after completing a game of squad battles was fixed. The screen text that results from the compare price feature is now easier to read.

When customizing My Stadium, not all anthem previews played properly. This issue was fixed. Your rank tab in squad battles now displays the player’s rank in all situations. The after game highlights now include the first goal as well.

The badges that showed a placeholder picture were fixed. The same goes for some of the TIFO and anthems items. You can now use filters for My Stadium searches for home and away kits. The more options menu now shows all the UI elements. The button conflict that occurred when searching the co-op friend list and the transfer market was fixed.

The visual issue that happened when switching between confetti and fireworks in My Stadium will no longer occur. The customization changes when the player views the screen more than once in the same session are now correctly saved. The camera will not be blocked anymore in the substitution scene when you use quick sub in co-op squad battles games.

After a co-op match, a stability issue occurred when the view player info button was used. This should not happen anymore. The match will now forfeit when you score multiple own-goals. When viewing the Top 200 leaderboards in squad battles, the left stick will not have multiple call-outs anymore. You will not be able to use the assisted headers controller setting in Ultimate Team online modes as this feature was disabled. The Premier League logo is now more visible on the Draft summary screen.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)