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Difference Between Madden NFL 21 and 20

Madden NFL 21hasn’t felt the love of fans. The latest edition of EA Sports’ NFL series launched on August 28, and the game already has the lowest Metacritic user score of all time. However, there are some redeeming features of Madden NFL 21, such as the new game mode, The Yard. There are also new animations and updates on how ball carriers move and avoid tackles, among other things.

Smaller updates to the center of the play around defensive coverage to compensate for new offensive moves used by ball carriers. The boarding animations have been revised and the tackles have been divided into three categories: location-based, Collapse Tackles, and Enhanced Dive Tackles. The new defensive moves in Madden NFL 21 will be crucial in preventing online players from abusing offensive ability.

The Skill Stick is definitely the biggest addition to the latest edition of Madden. Fans of the series loved the rotary motion of the circle button, but this season all the evasive maneuvers have been relocated to the right analog stick.

The most exciting addition to Madden 21 is the new game mode: The Yard. Players create a prototype player, similar to the characteristics of the NBA 2K’s Playground mode. This player can play on both sides of the ball, making crazy plays like multiple passes and flicking the ball to any player on the field. Right now there are four locations to play, but EA says they plan to release more locations as time goes on.

Finally, one of the biggest additions to the game with Madden NFL 21 is the new Pass Rush Meter. It’s a series of notches next to a pass rusher that indicates how many quick passing moves you have available. Players must use their moves wisely because there are only so many moves a runner can use. To counter this, the offensive lineman in Madden NFL 21 has also been given a meter. This system will emphasize depth along the defensive front and help reduce repetitive play by forcing the defense to try new moves.

Madden 21 didn’t change the formula they used in previous years much, but the changes they made put the game slightly ahead of last season’s version. Between the Skill Stick, the Pass Rush Meter, and the new defensive cover options and boarding animations, the game feel more realistic than last season. Add in a brilliant new game mode like The Yard, and this title is on par with most of EA’s previous releases despite many negative reviews.

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(Contributed by Guillermo Bisbal; Edited by Hermes_Fang)