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Be ensured of a belt dryer that provides the best drying results

In the food and feed industry, a belt dryer is an important part of the entire (production) process. Do you need a drying system in your own process and be ensured of a high-quality solution? Then Dutch Dryers BV is surely your right partner. This company has been a specialist in drying systems since 2007. They deliver their solutions throughout the world and have built a great international name over the years. This company is specialized in developing, building, and maintaining thermal drying systems, which are always made according to the requirements of its customers and clients. Do you need a tailor-made belt dryer? Inquire after the possibilities and discover the best drying solution for your applications!

Their expertise in tailor-made drying solutions

Dutch Dryers BV, based in Zeist, the Netherlands, started with developing and manufacturing drum dryers. Recently, they expanded their expertise to the development of belt dryers. This a unique combination of expertise that allows them to work with your business to develop the very best thermal drying system. With a tailor-made belt dryer for your production process, you will achieve optimum drying results using low value and/or residual heat. It is the perfect solution if you want to use, for example, process heat in order to dry matter with a high moisture level and turn it into a high-quality dry product. A flow of hot air with a temperature of 50 °C is already sufficient to achieve a good drying result with a belt dryer.

Learn more about their drying systems

Are you interested in the services and solutions from Dutch Dryers BV and do you want to learn more? Visit their website and read more about its drying systems and worldwide cooperation with various businesses. Do not hesitate to contact its specialists and ask your questions about a belt dryer or other drying system that fits your production processes.