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7Graphics – Refresh Your Website and Brand

Keeping your website up to date, easy to use, and looking cool takes time and money. This process isn’t easy, just ask any web developer. Finding appropriate graphics can waste hours, or even days.


On, they provide readymade packs for websites, flyers, banners, and more.


There is even an easy to use infographic pack, so that you can produce amazing looking infographics about your business or something related.


People love infographics!! They are one of the most shared forms of graphics, and can provide ongoing free advertising for your company.


The trick with inforgraphics, however, is to make them useful or attention grabbing. They shouldn’t look to ‘busy’, but instead clearly communicate an idea or how to do something.


If you can provide someone with the answer they are looking for, they are also likely to click through to your website. And, with the graphics available on 7Graphics, your website will be ready to impress them too.



For a limited period only, the website is giving away versions of the main graphics pack. It is limited by downloads, and the license is for a single user, but it really could help get you started – if you get there quick enough.


If you then want more, there is a modern booster pack and also a business infographics pack available at very reasonable prices.


Why wait, go check them out and boost your online image today.